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i dont understand this puzzle at all

can somebody help me with this level

I had this idea when playing minesweeper, to recognize making harder-than-necessary deductions in some way. It's nice to see it executed! :) Fun to play.

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why in the last level it cannot be like this↓


because the only way to discover anything more from the green tile below the 4 is to have it be the minimum value, and using uniqueness logic to disprove other uniqueness logic assertations is invalid as it leads to multiple correct solutions (by assuming the lower-right green tile is safe first, you can "disprove" the tile to its left, but you can also make the correct deduction that both are safe through the above logic. both solutions are valid if you allow one uniqueness logic leap to disprove another)

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I can't get past the very first level. 5 safe tiles are expected, but apart from the one in the middle everything else seems to be undetermined. Or is there some rule I'm not getting. How am I supposed to think to solve level 1?


this is level 4, sorry, i probably should've numbered them but it goes in reading order (green levels -> yellow levels -> red levels) - in addition, the other comments on the page might help you with understanding the logic technique

"the other comments on the page might help you with understanding the logic technique"

Wait. So the rules in the tutorial screens are not sufficient to solve the puzzle?

Is anyone understand the hidden logic? I completely give up:(


Maybe I'm missing something, but it repeatedly wants me to mark tiles I could not possibly know the state of. Huh?? I like it, though.


"This puzzle is SOLVABLE without guessing" is a keypoint

Oh, that kind of logic? Very interesting!

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I've clicked the bell a few times and I can't figure out what I'm missing. Screenshot of grid below.

I solved it using the hint function, but it seems unfair that there wasn't uncovered information that would've allowed me to intuit that there were several more tiles that could be marked safe.

this puzzle is unsolvable if you mark one of these tiles as a mine. if you do that, you don't have a way to find out where's the mine above the "2"

OH! I think I get it now?


fun challenges! solvability is an underrated ability in a lot of minesweeper-likes